Monday, March 30, 2009

Why we sfeed?

“Share Your findings with others, have fun with the set editor and find people that connect to You through items, not just words!” This is what we want to to everyone who is at our doorsteps. But the whole story is a little bit longer. Down below You can find out why we decided to sfeed…

The amount of online shops is overwhelming for most of us but all want to discover what we crave for and share findings with others. There is a huge demand for a good social shopping experience but we have not seen something simple and compelling enough. We also think that too much focus was put on the products but not on the people. The people behind the items make the whole experience much more fascinating. There is a different vibe that comes with the items found through others, which is not there when You stare at endless cold shelves of products.

SetWe really wanted to make a visually attractive and simple place, that gives all the means to express interests and opinions about anything You find online. The outcome reminds of a microblog, which is in our opinion spot-on for sharing ideas on products. It’s the short word of mouth comments and a visual contact that we value the most also in real life. The sfeed set editor gives additional means to mix and mash items and add a truly personal touch to what You find.

Enter the Brain! Our own developed algorithms weave all the user-item connections as they are formed and through this it can actually recommend everyone most relevant items and similar users to You. Connections through items can be very powerful and You will find people that really have a lot in common with You.

Sfeed has gathered a lot of different users, which is a huge compliment to the service – merchants, fashion lovers, bloggers, artists and others, who have their own unique interests and hobbies. Since sfeed lets people group up just the way they want, it’s a perfect place for communities who love to share items they enjoy the most. But if there is a user who really likes dirt bikes and pink shoes equally, even more fascinating – especially for our AI!

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